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9 and 10 arrived! In a comedically oversized box with no padding. Amazingly the bookends came out damaged:

I won't have time to sit down with them till I've finished the current Who partwork issues, but a quick glance suggests two things:

Worlds Apart really is as washed out as people have said.

And, very much against my expectations, the introduction to Reg mentions G2. Albeit just in a list of Things Wot Furman Wrote after the Marvel comic ended. Looks like the rest of the background material pretends there was no prior Marvel follow ups and the American series totally had a rushed conclusion (which it didn't really, it had a big finale and then a five issue coda. Many cancelled comics would probably kill for that. G2 and the UK series leave more legitimate loose ends as a result...).

It does look like the making of stuff, though not as scathing as Wildman was on panels at AA, is fairly honest about how much Hasbro didn't want to do this.

Hopefully somewhere they'll be a note clarifying this is ignoring the British stuff, otherwise in the context of a series that otherwise presents the Marvel stuff as a whole that'll get confusing to new readers.
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