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Right, so onto Blastoff.

He's got an odd nub on the combiner joint that keeps popping the head off. I think it's supposed to be a landing support or something, but the gun plugged into the nosecone does that, so it's pointless.

After sanding that off, the combiner joint rotates fine without popping the head off... mostly.

It also had another notch on the other side (which I didn't take a picture of), so I sanded that off too. But the head still pops off because the fixture holding it in place isn't a tight fit. This is most likely to prevent permanent damage when rotating the combiner joint instead of, you know, just not putting notches on it that eject the robot head from its placement. So, I filled in the tiny gaps with various things. I tried a gel super glue, normal crafting hot glue, and gluing plastic strips over of the gaps, but none of that worked. What did work was epoxy putty. This turned out to be tricky because the putty loses malleability very quickly, so I had to do each side separately. Wasted a fair bit of putty, that did. But it worked...

I let it alone for a day to cure before congratulating myself, but now Blastoff's head is permanently affixed to his body like it's supposed to be. It only took a small amount of putty to actually fill the gaps; too much and the roof of the shuttle wouldn't fit flush.

The other point of attention were the legs. The arm mode pops apart constantly.

After a bit of troubleshooting, the legs themselves connect together cleanly and securely, but the feet are slightly too big.

After some generous if incremental sanding, the legs click together as intended with the feet attached.

I kind of wonder if they maybe had rushed Blastoff's design a bit. A few more rounds of QC before production and they might have fixed the leg problem.

Anyway, onto to Swindle! The canopy popped off too much, so I put a pin in it. Done.

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