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So many people have got the wrong bookends I can only assume there's an equally confused number of Warhammer fans with TF ones.

Out of curiosity, I decided to compare my own scan of Worlds Apart to the Hachette version (and from what I've seen people say it's just a reuse of the IDW reprint, which was in turn a reuse of the Titan reprint) to see exactly how washed out and faded it was, and the result was actually worse than I thought:

Headmasters was a good bonkers read. Though I think it might actually be a series that benefited from being so broken up by the UK printing and the shifts in tone are so frequent and often random it lends itself better to little bites.

It is yet another book where the ordering is somewhat out of sync, but understandably. It makes for a more cohesive book to have Headmasters-The two part follow up the Headmasters-Worlds Apart all together rather than Headmasters-Worlds Apart-the chunk of UK issues after Worlds Apart. It's just a shame, again, it's at odds with how the series was promoted.

Actually, a few Marvel books into the run now and it's increasingly clear than even in volumes containing material from both the UK and US, there is going to be a clear divide between the two. You're not going to get a book where it's, for example, UK story-US story-UK story even if that's how it was originally printed. It's going to be "Here's a chunk of the US and here's a chunk of the UK, with their own separate introductions and recaps and behind the scenes stuff". Hence things like King of the Hill being in the wrong place.

Ironically for a series where a fuss was made of it being the first time the UK and US stuff had been reprinted together, it's making the division seem more stark than ever.

Also a shame there are no direct quotes from Budiansky in the making of material as he was promoted as being involved in the series on the website (mind, we've not seen Andrew Wlidman yet). It would have been more interesting to hear directly from the horse's mouth rather than Furman parsing what he counterpart was going through. It might have been nice to include the Headmasters pitch document rather than just describing it as well (I must remember at some point to scan that from the Titan book as it's a fascinating read that should be kept in circulation).
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