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I don't if reprinting the UK stuff in between the US stuff would be equally as divisive. They're so different in terms of story-telling and art as to be distinctive anyway it would break up the flow of each respective chunk of story and be as jarring in its own way. It is a shame that some stuff has been printed out of sequence, though. I can forgive the World's Apart thing being tacked on at the end, but stuff like King Of The Hill and Cold Comfort being presented in the wrong order bothers me more than it should.

I enjoyed reading Headmasters again. The fourth issue struggles to introduce the Targetmasters and wrap the story up, but it feels like Bob's a bit more involved in the story here than in the ongoing at this time.

Regeneration One was a surprise. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it, but I did. Wildman's art is a bit off, with a lot of the characters he isn't familiar with looking a bit rough and the backgrounds are very sparse, but there's a decent story going on. It's a shame this makes Generation 2 null and void and Circuit Smasher, a thing... but it riffs off some of the same ideas- the Decepticons laying waste to Earth just for attention.
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