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Tricky to say, though given the similarities in narrative and closing dialogue, I'd be surprised if its inclusion was solely because one of the supporting cast liked it. Would presume a happy coincidence until confirmed otherwise.
Yup - more than likely that James Mangold, actual film director, can come up with a homage to a famous Western (that I've never had much time for either, but you can't argue with its' fame) that's been homaged dozens of times without the input of a guy who likely got the nod because they couldn't age McAvoy convincingly enough.

Enjoyed Logan but I can see why people didn't; it's one of those films you have to be a little sold on before going in, in terms of knowing Logan/Wolverine and seeing him as more of an icon than a film character. Liked the washed-out tone and intentional low-key feel, very Old Man Logan - that "this is going to be the bit where the claws come out and it's all 'snikt, bub', you'll see, you'll see...".

Like the Fox film series as a whole TBH; it's my guilty pleasure. The plots are idiotic and the timeline's a mess but most of them manage a couple of super set-pieces (I would happily watch 2 1/2 hours of just Quicksilver scenes) and they have this weird binary thing where each character is either a blatant suck-up to the fans or a deliberate attempt to piss them off.
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