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Well it's nice you liked it Skyquake.

I bit down and read the book yesterday, assuming I'd dance through it quickly and move on with a shrug of the shoulders at the fact getting the odd rum'un is the one downside of subscribing to a series like this (or it would be the one downside if Hachette didn't keep adding new and interesting downsides).

But I'd forgotten quite how awful it is. Issue 80.5 reads like a parody and the rest--despite a handful of good ideas that would make for a good comic if it didn't keep cutting away to the dead weight (something John Barber clearly agreed on actually, there's a lot of influences on later Ex-RID here. Especially Soundwave as the one true believer in Megatron's vision)--is overwhelming the worst thing Furman has ever written. By a mile.

Circuit Smasher is a handy poster child for the whole series. A continuity point that really didn't need addressing (was Circuit Breaker ever so popular this series couldn't happen without a copyright avoiding dodge?), looks idiotic and against the stated intent of not being retro and is just ****ing stupid. Seriously, CS doesn't have a single line of dialogue that's not the equivalent of being bummed by Jar Jar Binks.

And Optimus Prime is awful as well. Marvel Prime would only ever be depressed when inactive, pretty much every time he felt down going out and punching the shit out of something would sort him out (Crisis of Command and Yesterday's Heroes being fine examples), he would never spend 21 years feeling sad about not being dead. Frankly Bay Prime is far truer to the Marvel take.

The good bits mainly consists of a Mad Megatron twatting Earth. Sort of what All Hail Megatron should have been. But it can never get going.

And Wildman's art... The man was ludicrously passionate about Reg at conventions, with some mildly barmy yet entertaining old hippy ideas about Transformers.

So why does the work look so much like that of a guy who didn't give a ****?

Or did he suddenly develop a fear of mouths?

Mind, I think Llama God on twitter may have hit the nail on the head when he compared it to a storyboard. I believe that's the area Wildman has mainly worked in recent years and that lack of the detail you'd expect in a comic but which would work fine for a rough guide to an animation seems to have carried over.

Of course, that shows an editorial failure for not asking for appropriate revisions. It looks like the normally reliable Barber was just like, "Yeah, give us anything, **** it."

I think the big problem is the idea Marvel had a rushed ending with lots of loose ends is a false one. You had the intended Big Final Issue the series had worked towards for months and then an unexpected five issue coda. That doesn't leave much good stuff to play with. The UK and G2 probably have bigger and with more potential dangling bits.

The making of material (and even the back cover!) is annoying as well for treating it as if it's The One And Only Ever Marvel Follow Up Ever (without doing perhaps the more useful thing for new readers experiencing the comics through this series of making it crystal clear that even though hachette are treating UK and US as one and the same--even if in only lip service--Reg is only carrying on from the US), which just makes me want to punch everyone involved.

I mean, I could if I so wished have the 200AD continuation of Dan Dare, the Revolver continuation of Dan Dare and the Virgin continuation of Dan Dare all on my bookcase. All contradictory and no doubt some are more popular with fans than others, but with no attempt by the publishers that theirs is the only one that matters. Why not have G2 and Reg on the same bookcase as well?

With the Star Trek partwork Eaglemoss are doing occasional special "Super size" hardbacks for big crossover stories at a higher price point. Whilst on the one hand it's impressive Hachette aren't trying to milk extra cash by, say, doing All Hail Megatron and Dark Cybertron that way, if they were to do just one for G2 they could take my cash. And I suspect the cash of a lot of other people as well.
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