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Yup - more than likely that James Mangold, actual film director, can come up with a homage to a famous Western (that I've never had much time for either, but you can't argue with its' fame) that's been homaged dozens of times without the input of a guy who likely got the nod because they couldn't age McAvoy convincingly enough.
TBH I know almost nothing about Shane (and the clip was one of the bits where the sound wasn't great at my screening), so how it works as a metaphor for the film as a whole was entirely lost on me there.

Been slowly working through my Universal Horror boxset. The Mummy was surprisingly dull and just stopped rather than ending, but The Invisible Man was great fun. The bandages off scene was still a fine "Bugger me" moment and there were all sorts of fun tricks for the floating about stuff. The bike riding by itself feels like the sort of thing that should have been impossible in the 30's.

Kind of bummed there are now proper collections of the Frankenstein/Dracula/Wolfman/ect films out rather than this representative set though as I think I'd rather have had the complete Frankie collection and the odd one off from the other ranges (ie, Invisible Man but no Mummy. Can't imagine Phantom of the Opera being that great either). Hugely fond memories of the increasingly silly non-Karloff ones from when I was a kid.
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