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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
TBH I know almost nothing about Shane (and the clip was one of the bits where the sound wasn't great at my screening), so how it works as a metaphor for the film as a whole was entirely lost on me there.
It's basically about a gunslinger trying to escape his past who doesn't want to corrupt this kid. You can work out the metaphor part from there.

Yeah, the Invisible Man is ace.

The way the Universal Monsters stuff's been collected has always been a bit annoying. I've got some of them on R2 DVD and others in the R1 DVD "Legacy" sets. Haven't bothered upgrading to Blu Ray because, until recently, there was no sensible option available which wouldn't have just replaced random discs.

Saw Alien: Covenant on Friday. It's better than Prometheus, though still not very good. Most of its problems come from being a Prometheus sequel (who'd have thunk it, right?). Pretentious and portentous and smug and heavy-handed and not anywhere near as clever as it thinks it is. Still more concerned with answering questions nobody asked than constructing a compelling story of its own.

It's watchable if you just unplug all expectations of there ever being a half-decent movie set in this universe ever again.

Though on a tangent, Ron Perlman confirmed on Twitter yesterday that Sigourney Weaver made that basketball shot in Resurrection herself in one take. Which he nearly ruined with his reaction to it.
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