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I've still to email them about my address (i've been busy!), but given that it took them the best part of two months to respond by email to my direct debit query (by which time I'd rung up in the meantime, making a nonsense of their reply...), I'm probably just going to ring them when I've some time.

@dalek, yeah the 80.5 (was that a free comic book day job? - it looks like one...) is bobbins, full of ludicrous ominous narration and some poor swirly cobblers with flashbacks and 'cracks' (whatever could they be?!), but I enjoyed the story proper for what it was. Prime sitting in a chair staring into space was pants, but what's 21 years when you're six million years old?

I'd agree that Reg One is the answer to a question no-one asked, but I did enjoy this opening salvo for what it was. Although I'd never paid much attention to the line in Headmasters about the original heads being left behind on Nebulous - I always forget that and assumed they'd carved up the Autobots' heads into exo suits for the squishy organics. Frankly, given the state of things by the Transformers leave Nebulous, I'm amazed they still exist.

I am disappointed that G2 is dismissed out of hand though. It's easily Furman's best work on Transformers having a strong over-arching plotline and lots of neat side adventures ('Tales Of Earth') that tie into the main story. If IDW or someone ever do a 'complete' trade - G.I.Joe lead in and the Fleetway stuff as an extra in a big fancy hardback, plus full page repros of Derek Yaniger's glorious cover artwork (plus those wee illustrations that show up in #12s letter page by assorted uncredited artists), they can happily have my money. I heart G2.
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