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Translated designer interview from the same magazine feature

Explicitly states that they're working on Trailbreaker and Hoist, along with aiming at the rest of the minibots (I assume the first season bunch?). Also more Beast Wars Masterpieces. Neat.

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If you like Sunsurges, this is yoir lucky day. Ebay has just had to rename itself Surgebay.
Indeed. While I think the official Sunstreaker looks just fine, it's really splitting hairs as to which among it, the badcube figure, and the omnigonix figure are the best. But the transformers fandom has never really championed critical thinking skills... I mean, they all really look like Sunstreaker, and so much so that the mass evacuation of Sunsurges is disheartening. Oh, well.

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Buy mine then. Only two hundred of the Earth dollars.
Probably will.
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