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Roger Moore may have been a somewhat divisive James Bond and he wouldn't even be my pick for a favourite, but...

Growing up in the dry spell in the early 90's, between Licence to Kill and Goldeneye, TV stations here didn't feel particularly motivated to broadcast old Bond films (it's become a staple to whenever a new one comes out) so the only movies I had on tape were the Moore ones. I'm positive I had seen some of the other ones, I had vague recollections of Diamonds are Forever for example, but Roger's were the only ones I actually had on tape and could watch often enough to remember all of them. I definitely had Moonraker and Spy Who Loved Me; probably Live and Let Die as well, and View To a Kill had an unfortunate luck of always getting the one tape that was actually only two hours so the both times it was actually on TV, the freakin' ending got left out on the recording.

...but anyway, I guess Roger Moore will always be my James Bond.
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