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Spinout is a fragile POS but captures the angular original-toy feel -- anyone that wants a shelf piece, likes the look and picks it up cheap enough won't feel disappointed.

Sunsurge... yeah, also like. Might even be tempted by the MP Sunstreaker when it hits KO status, but the itch has long since been scratched.

Can't for the life of me see why people buy 3P as placeholders. I try not to double up either, but all of the different Combaticon versions, for instance, achieve different things.

What I do like about a few of the recent MP figures like Megatron and Sunny (and Shockers to a certain extent; he's very Actionmaster-y) even though I doubt I'll ever go for them at normal asking price is that the relative complexity makes them less cartoon-like.

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Probably will.
Whilst I remember, still have any interest in that spare set of individually boxed Quantron members?
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