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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Well the Omnigonix one looks awful (so it's original toy accurate there, kerching). Plus every review I've seen has slated it. And when Kapow got it in stock they basically sent out an announcement saying "er, this is garbage so we've discounted the price massively from the off and are asking for a credit from our distributor".

So, yeah. Splitting hairs.
Ah, didn't know that. I was just going by the comparison collage of the three figures on the big board. Barring that, I think you still know what I mean. It's not like the Warbot Defender that was made irrelevant by the official Springer or other similar cases; all the MP Sunstreakers look spot on (fragility aside) to what they're attempting, so the mass firesale of Sunsurges because "OMG OFFICIAL" is a bit disheartening. And I don't mean to sound like this is a sudden realization. It's just an example of, "oh, that again."

Of course, I've long been the type that'll accumulate multiples of the same character just because I like to see what's done different for each attempt, so my point of view isn't going to be that of someone who's after a "definitive version" or anything like that.

How've the humanoids responded to the fake chest? Obviously it was the end of the world when Badcube did it, despite it being the only sensible design route and even MP-10 having a fake stomach grill.
Media fans are inconsistent and contradictory?! Oh noes!

Yeah, it's a really good figure. I'd decided to get rid of mine because I'm slimming down my toy collection massively and the third party stuff like Sunsurge is where the money is (out of print Marvel omnibuses don't pay for themselves). Now I just look like I'm ditching it because there's an official one. Yay. (It's not 200 of the Earth Dollars)
Oh, don't hide it. Be proud of your bandwaggoneering.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Can't for the life of me see why people buy 3P as placeholders. I try not to double up either, but all of the different Combaticon versions, for instance, achieve different things.
Yeah, I mean I don't see how the inevitable official versions of masterpiece Insecticons are going to be qualitatively different than the three or four sets of third party figures, but I expect people to flog the unofficial figures at that time too.


Whilst I remember, still have any interest in that spare set of individually boxed Quantron members?
Maybe. It'd be later in the summer before I can commit. If you have another buyer lined up, by all means...
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