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So Sunstreaker... Not keen on that head sculpt. Also a little disappointed there doesn't appear to be a wrist rocket, just that piddly gun. Hmm, on the fence with this one.

I'm sure it's been expressed by others elsewhere on here, but I really can't understand the shift in aesthetic to cartoon accuracy with the MP line. The earlier releases took the best cues from the toy, cartoon and comic representations to give a definitive design, a true "Masterpiece". Are there really fans out there that want a shelf full of Sunbow Transformers? Who are the designers catering to?

With each new release I'm becoming less enthused with the MP line, which is disappointing as it is really the only line I collect nowadays. I've picked up a few of the Titans Returns releases, but am seriously considering selling off my classics collection to make some space. And the few G1 toys I don't have are either out of my price range, or I simply don't care enough about the character to justify tracking one down on ebay.
I would focus purely on MP, but if the designs are going to continue to be watered down I may have to put an end to a 30 year hobby!
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