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Are people really so insanely impatient that they'll spend three figures on a toy they don't actually like just so it can fill a spot on a shelf for a couple years, because they just can't wait for the official version to come out? Is that actually what's happening, or am I missing something here?
Yes, basically, seems to be the answer. It's astonishing, especially as it keeps happening - MP clearly has legs, HasTak are clearly mining G1 and IDW for Generations... MP isn't moving at a bad rate either - with Hoist and Trailbreaker locked down we're waiting on Jazz (clearly earmarked for a sales dip IMO), Skids, Hound and Mirage, so we're surely looking at the cars at least being done, possibly even by the end of 2018. It'd be less baffling if 3P were even close to MP prices. I guess a lot of people in the fandom just have money to burn and no sense of value for money or any patience; they want that Sunstreaker to fill the space in the cabinet NOW.

But even then I can't get my head around people selling NOW. I mean before there are even video reviews; Ratchet was apparently made out of polystyrene, there's the Rodimus and Megatron issues... there's even the slim chance that something will go wrong like a licensing hitch or financial trouble and the toy will simply not come out... You'd seriously think people would at least want to evaluate side by side.

The only 3Ps I've bought are Mirage and Impactor; the former because I think the official will have shitty injoke advertising on him and it would particularly annoy me, the latter because at the time it looked like there was no chance of a real one coming out. Now it wouldn't surprise me but it'd need to be a Voyager and those things are about 25 now which means it'd have to look pretty spiffy (and not randomly be a Headmaster or something) to bump the old one.

EDIT: I do think the colour schemes are a shame, though - looking at Ironhide I think all-red would have actually worked better as would a red head for Ratchet; not crazy about how gigantic they are compared to everyone else either. Or how tiny Bumblebee is; I'd love Bumblebee if he was just a head or so shorter than the rest but he looks like he's from a different line and I don't particularly see the point in collecting the Minibots as they'll just display terribly with the rest of the cars.
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