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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Yes, basically, seems to be the answer. It's astonishing, especially as it keeps happening - MP clearly has legs, HasTak are clearly mining G1 and IDW for Generations... MP isn't moving at a bad rate either - with Hoist and Trailbreaker locked down we're waiting on Jazz (clearly earmarked for a sales dip IMO), Skids, Hound and Mirage, so we're surely looking at the cars at least being done, possibly even by the end of 2018. It'd be less baffling if 3P were even close to MP prices. I guess a lot of people in the fandom just have money to burn and no sense of value for money or any patience; they want that Sunstreaker to fill the space in the cabinet NOW.
Recently 3P prices aren't actually that different from regular MP rates, tbh. Sunsurge is currently on BBTS at $80, while Tracks, Hot Rod and BLUEstreak are around $75-80 (no indication as to whether those have been discounted though). Sunstreaker has just gone up for preorder at $120.

Though yeah, a lot of it is impatience. A lot of it is enraptured by the shiny. Personally I've been a bit of a victim of preconditioning from years of previous lines like Binaltech, Classics, etc, so it's taken a long time to adjust to the fact that Masterpiece isn't just going to randomly stop when Takara get bored 65% of the way through and switch to something else.

I think them announcing Inferno was the point I realised "holy ****, they're actually serious about this".

Now watch as Trailbreaker, Hoist and Skids come out in the wrong colours with tentacle rape decals all over them.

[quote]But even then I can't get my head around people selling NOW. I mean before there are even video reviews[/quote

But yeah, this. 3P as a cheap alternative (or a premium alternative, depending on where you are in the world), or a "y'know what, I actually prefer this" deal is absolutely fine. But if you're just going to sell it at the first indication that there's an official one on the horizon, then literally what is the point.

Especially based on photos of a magazine piece. Especially after the great Tracks "strategic photography angle" incident. If Sunsurge is good enough to stay on someone's shelf now then surely it's good enough to wait until you know Sunstreaker is good before throwing it on eBay (even more when everyone else has done the same thing so you're contributing to the market value being dirt).

As said, I was about to get rid of mine because I'm fundraising and clearing space. I like Sunsurge but the lack of an official version meant there was still a market for him and I might be able to replace him "properly" at some point later down the line. That's obviously no longer the case so he's back on the shelf.

Hey ho.
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