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I get buying a 3P placeholder for a character you realy like. You don't know when (or if) the MP is coming. As Brendocon pointed out, they have dropped lines before.

I can also get selling the 3P when the official one comes out. If you like the MP better, and don't need two similar renditions of the same character, sell the one you like less. You'll take a hit of a few bucks, but it's only, what, a couple times a year, max?

What I don't get is selling the 3P figure now, when the MP has just been announced. Even if you trust the MP to surpass your 3P, at least hold on to the 3P until the MP comes in. If you're going to shell out the cash to temporarily fill a spot on the shelf, fill that spot until the permanent figure is in.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I'm sure I've griped about this before, but if these figures were actual Masterpieces they'd come with a lot more swappable parts to let you customize their appearance.
That's what the alien mask is for.

I know they put it in as a joke, but since the actual head look like an ugly version of what I'd imagine TF Animated Sunstreaker to look like, it might not be a bad idea. Couldn't they have handed the designer CW Sunstreaker's head and said, "Make this bigger"?
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