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What I don't get is selling the 3P figure now, when the MP has just been announced. Even if you trust the MP to surpass your 3P, at least hold on to the 3P until the MP comes in. If you're going to shell out the cash to temporarily fill a spot on the shelf, fill that spot until the permanent figure is in.
I don't think it's necessarily about the desire to fill a space on the shelf, but more about lowering your risk. If the MP does end up blowing the 3P out of the water, there's not gonna be as much demand for the 3P one anymore after that, and before you know it, you're stuck with two toys of the same guy and can't get rid of the one you like less, unless you sell it for peanuts. Before anyone can be absolutely certain about it, there's at least a chance of chucking it without feeling like you've ripped yourself off. I mean, by the time you have a legit choice between MP and 3P, some might just go for the cheaper of the two, and by then that might be the latter, and it won't benefit the seller any.

But then, I don't understand the whole urgency to get any version of a character just to fill your shelf as soon as the option to do so comes available either. Barring add-ons, accessories and such for official toys like the one for ROTF Bludgeon I reviewed, I just stay away from 3P.
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