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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Recently 3P prices aren't actually that different from regular MP rates, tbh. Sunsurge is currently on BBTS at $80, while Tracks, Hot Rod and BLUEstreak are around $75-80 (no indication as to whether those have been discounted though). Sunstreaker has just gone up for preorder at $120.
Are you suggesting I'm somehow out of touch with this hobby and just blindly mouthing off?

If Sunsurge is good enough to stay on someone's shelf now then surely it's good enough to wait until you know Sunstreaker is good before throwing it on eBay (even more when everyone else has done the same thing so you're contributing to the market value being dirt).
I just can't fathom it; so much could happen - import taxes could go through the roof, Takara could nix the figure... I've sold to upgrade in the past but I wait to get the new thing.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I mean, I might have thought twice about buying Hexatron if I'd known that Hasbro was going to put out their own (apparently pretty good) Sixshot a couple years later, but at the end of the day I bought it because it looked like fun and it never even occurred to me to try and flog mine when Hasbro announced TR Sixshot.
It's a bit different for something like that (and, as hilarious as it was, Warbot/Springer) because it'd be difficult to guess that Hasbro would be putting out some of the crazy stuff they've done at retail and their mainline output is spotty as **** with every chance of there being a Tracks or Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen situation where the mainline figure is utter crap. And you're paying, well, not peanuts but relatively sensible chain store prices to upgrade anyway - not MP prices and probably with some mild import mark-up to boot.

I'm sure I've griped about this before, but if these figures were actual Masterpieces they'd come with a lot more swappable parts to let you customize their appearance.
This; especially now the margins are clearly okay there's no excuse for not Soul of Chogokining these guys. The full accessory kids for the Onebox Brothers were a step in the right direction but at retail price and all in plastic you should be getting the works with these guys.

Having the other Minibots might make things better though, since in that case you'd have a whole lineup of tiny guys you could put on a separate shelf somewhere.
True, but again you might as well be collecting a different line. If a KO of Bumblebee comes out tht's simply the official MP scaled up to about Classics Deluxe size they'd have a sale.

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