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Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
That's what the alien mask is for.

I know they put it in as a joke, but since the actual head look like an ugly version of what I'd imagine TF Animated Sunstreaker to look like, it might not be a bad idea. Couldn't they have handed the designer CW Sunstreaker's head and said, "Make this bigger"?
Well, Sunstreaker's head is pretty unsightly at the best of times. CW Sunstreaker's head still kind of sucks, but at least it looks like a robot's face! The MP is a bland, featureless rounded thing, like some dude wearing grey pantyhose over his face to disguise his features.

Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
I don't think it's necessarily about the desire to fill a space on the shelf, but more about lowering your risk. If the MP does end up blowing the 3P out of the water, there's not gonna be as much demand for the 3P one anymore after that, and before you know it, you're stuck with two toys of the same guy and can't get rid of the one you like less, unless you sell it for peanuts.
It kind of seems like that's what's already happening now, though. Demand has crashed because a lot of the people who might have wanted a Sunsurge have now switched their attention to the official MP, and supply is through the roof as people who own Sunsurges try to offload them. It's absolutely a buyer's market right now. If anything, you'd think you'd be able to get a better price for the thing once the initial wave of panic-selling has abated. Demand will never be what it once was, but it's a safe bet that there will be a lot fewer Sunsurges on eBay a year from now.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
It's a bit different for something like that (and, as hilarious as it was, Warbot/Springer) because it'd be difficult to guess that Hasbro would be putting out some of the crazy stuff they've done at retail and their mainline output is spotty as **** with every chance of there being a Tracks or Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen situation where the mainline figure is utter crap. And you're paying, well, not peanuts but relatively sensible chain store prices to upgrade anyway - not MP prices and probably with some mild import mark-up to boot.
Are we finally allowed to criticize early junk like Warbot and City Commander without being set upon by an angry horde accusing us of being HasTak fanboys? It still amazes me that third party Transformers ever became a thing when the early offerings looked like that. Amazes me even more how much the things have improved, on average.

But you're right, there's a big difference when one of the pieces is a mass-retail figure, whether you're replacing one or it's the replacement for something pricier. Though even then, all those once-coveted Defenders are basically worthless now.

I guess the lesson to take from this (and that far too many people will miss) is something like "don't buy expensive toys unless they're actually good, no matter what character's face is slapped onto it". If you buy things you actually like instead of stuff that you "need", you won't get hit with retroactive buyers' remorse the moment another option is available.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
True, but again you might as well be collecting a different line. If a KO of Bumblebee comes out tht's simply the official MP scaled up to about Classics Deluxe size they'd have a sale.
I suppose it bothers me less because I do collect multiple lines and grab what I think are the best versions of characters whether it's an MP, a Generations toy from the era when everyone was a Deluxe, or a Topspin who's arbitrarily become a Headmaster. I'm already conditioned to stuff not fitting together.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
[segue]I googled trying to find a picture of Rumble and Bumblebee standing together and this came up with is unrelated but too good to miss
Still not in MP scale.
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