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Lets have a look at what finds I've plucked from the bins of thatsentertainment!

Chris Isaak 'Wicked Game' (1991)
I've got a lot of time for Chris Isaak, his mournful crooning and rock-a-billy tendencies struck a chord and he's always good value when interviewed. This then timely 'greatest hits' put him well and truly on the map. Good, solid hits package, although there's not much variety, truth be told.

Slowdive 'Just For A Day' (1992)
Wallflower indie-rock with not as much woozy feedback as you'd expect from one of the lynchpins of the whole 'Shoegaze' thing. Slightly disappointing.

Peter Gabriel 'US' (1992)
Probably scoffed at by Genesis fans and types who like Gabriel's later 'world music' phase, this great glorious gob of chart hogging POP is fantastic. Just don't watch the slightly creepy CGI videos that accompanied the singles. They're weird and not in a sort of good-weird way.

Swervedriver 'Mezcal Head' (1993)

Love Swervedriver. Noisy, loud and one of the bands that made indie music interesting before Britpop came along and spoilt it for everyone. Mezcal Head is a bit patchy as an album, but its still worth the effort for 'Duel' , 'Last Train To Satansville' and 'Girl On A Motorbike'.

Credit To The Nation 'Take Dis' (1993)
Fab hip-hop album (albeit slightly US-flavoured) with Nirvana sampling 'Call It What You Want' as an obvious touch stone.

Fun-Da-Mental 'Seize The Time' (1994)
Fantastic double album and one of the best British hip-hop records ever. I love the mix of east/west sounds and polemic that underpins this record. Great stuff.

Mazzy Star 'So Tonight That I Might See' (1993)
Debut 'She Hangs Brightly' gets all the praise and critical acclaim, but this with the incredible 'Into Dust' is easily the better of their early releases for my money. The title track is ace too. Although I still can't listen to 'Fade Into You' with a straight face, thanks to its comical use in a fight scene in, er, Starship Troopers.
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