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Diac glared at Fracas. A Decepticon. He should stab him in the face, get rid of a problem right now. But with Scourge lurking nearby, he knew that that would be the end of him pretty quickly. On the other hand, he is neither dead, nor bound.

“I’ve seen better days.” Diac told Fracas, offhandedly pressing the side of his helmet to attempt to raise comms again. Still nothing. “So. Tell me. Are we in a truce right now?”

The Trapped Canyon

Perceptor shrugged at Hardhead’s insistence at never being called sir. “Semantics, Hardhead. Semantics. More importantly, I have located the mine site and those in charge. Last I saw them, they were evacuating before the gestalt’s rampage and our temporary truce.” Perceptor frowned. “I did not have much time to talk to them, but it appears that they are hiding something from us. Something that I don’t think we want the Decepticons to find out.”

He frowned, then added: “Where is Prime? Either of them?”
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