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Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
So how was the UK election anyway?
A still-unfolding slow-motion car crash. Hilariously.

Months after saying she wouldn't call an election before 2020, our PM called an election with the specific intent of taking advantage of perceived disarray in all the opposition parties.

This was done with the vindictive and selfish motivation of winning by a record-setting landslide, getting a huge majority which would enable her to pass whatever ridiculous bills she wants, and for the personal glory of "burying" the Labour party for good.

So confident was she of this that her manifesto was vague and vindictive and she seemed to think the idea of campaigning was beneath her; deciding to let her pals in the media run a character assassination campaign on her opponents instead.

So of course Labour experienced a huge swing in support (boosted by both a surge in youth voters feeling alienated since the Brexit vote, and by UKIP voters returning to the fold now that party's been rendered pointless), and the Conservatives lost their majority entirely.

They still won the most seats, but not enough to automatically form the government, and are now negotiating a coalition with the DUP in Northern Ireland. The DUP who are (checks notes) climate change denying, homophobic, anti-abortion creationists who are backed by a paramilitary wing who openly threaten people who won't vote for them.
And that's just the short version of who they are. This is after years of saying "you can't trust the Labour leader, he's a terrorist sympathiser" because he tried to negotiate with Sinn Fein 30 years ago (the political wing of the IRA, aka the DUP's opposite number in Northern Ireland).

So not only has she thrown away her pre-existing majority for no reason other than personal greed, she's had to stoop to negotiating with the worst kind of people in the hope of actually keeping her job. AND she's taken a side in Northern Ireland, which you just don't ****ing do (let alone the side of the one party who were opposed to the Good Friday Agreement), especially as triggering Article 50 has made the Irish situation even more delicate.

She's currently soldiering on and pretending that it's business as usual and none of it's happened.

On the face of it, a Conservative-DUP coalition is arguably worse than a pure Tory government, but it's such a ludicrously suicidal play that there's no reason anybody with their eyes open can expect this to actually work. She's basically made her entire position completely untenable, we'll get a leadership coup within the month and it wouldn't surprise me if we get another election later in the year.
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