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Deathsaurus touched ground near Ginrai's point defense, just to the side of Furos, Hardhead, and Nightbeat. They turned towards Hardhead's.. cockpit.. no, his barrel. Hmm. That didn't feel right either. All these eons, and they had neither of Deathsaurus's components had quite worked out which part of a vehicle mode to make eye-contact with. They settled on the cockpit and called over, "Your plan worked well, Hardhead. You have my condolences for it having to be done. I assume we'll speak further below ground." They then stepped off into the gathered crowd to take stock of their Decepticons.


Infinitus slowly brought Sentinel's shuttle form in for a landing towards the edge of the mass of soldiers, then flipped the switches to convert it to train mode. The train clumsily tipped over onto its wheelbase, and Infinitus briefly feared it would pitch him straight out of the cockpit. Manually triggered transformations never did work as smoothly as the real thing.
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