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"Nearby," Hardhead told Perceptor. "The Decepticons rescued him. Allegedly."

Furos piped up. "I'll track him down." Activating his comlink, he said, "Optimus? Diac? Are either of you active?"

"Unfortunately," Hardhead told Perceptor, "the Decepticons already seem to be aware of what is going on. Possibly even more than we ourselves are. If they weren't, why come here? Their acting commander, Deathsaurus, appears to be the honourable sort, but I don't expect much cooperation from him or his people. They are, after all, still Decepticons. We will certainly find reason to fight again before the day is done."

As the Decepticon commander went by, Hardhead acknowledged his words with a nod of his turret (and indeed, the cannon had the greatest concentration of his optical sensors in this mode -- he had to work hard not to "look" directly at anyone lest it be seen as threatening) and said, "You have my thanks for your assistance. As you said, it needed to be done. And I do suspect we'll talk again soon."
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