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Chromedome rolled up as Sentinel's not terribly smooth landing finished, rolling to a stop near Hardhead. His canopy swung up, revealing the scowl on Stylor's face as he glared at the Autobot's disgraced former leader. Chromedome merely sighed. "Furos? Do you want us to keep watching Sentinel?"

Hot Rod rumbled up next, backing into the bay(for lack of a better term) on Ginrai's left side, as a set of waldoes whirred out, clamping onto the sides of the vehicle mode Autobot, and lifting him into the air as repair arms slid out and started working on the damage from Skullcruncher's bite. His canopy hissed open and Firedrive leapt out, running from his partner.

"We've got a repair bay?" Nightbeat stared, dumbfounded, at the image in the holodisplay, showing a representation of the damage to Hot Rod.

"Kind of," Ginrai's voice echoed out through the speakers. "It's closer to an automated first aid kit. Minor stuff, like torn armor, damaged myomers, maybe a flat tire. His internal repair systems will have to deal with the damage to his ankle servos and the jet boosters."

"What about us Titan Master types?"

"Not much I can do for them, sadly. There was talk, from what Pyro said, of installing some CR chambers, but they would have been too big a drain on my power supply."

"So having them drag either Optimus or Megatron, or Diac and Doomshot, out here to have you try to repair then would be pointless."

"Yes. Sorry."

Nightbeat shrugged. "Not your fault." He looked through the display at Furos. "Should we start getting the rest of everybody inside the tunnels?"
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