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Odd- I actually felt like it had less easily-trimmable fat than AOE. The disparate plotlines were all facets of the same main story: Cybertron is coming to kill Earth, because Earth is Unicron. The stuff with the Autobots hiding out is just natural fallout we've been moving towards for a few films in a row.

I enjoyed it. It was big and dumb and over-the-top, but it looked incredible and the jokes made me chuckle and the message about helping refugees and immigrants even when the authorities call that a crime was a valuable one.

Honestly, though? My ideal Transformers film now would go smaller, not bigger. I know that won't happen with the way this one teased extra Unicron action, but for my money the best action in this series has been a small number of robots having cool fights for understandable stakes. Prime fighting three Decepticons to protect Sam? Fantastic. Prime and an army of Autobots, human soldiers, knights and all this fighting the Decepticons, and the Transformer devil and her army, on an exploding planet in the sky, to save all life on Earth? Bit much.

Overall though, I enjoyed it and I'm up for more. I don't even mind a lot of the transformers being forgettable. How many hi-and-bye cameos were in the classic cartoons and comicbooks?

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