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Just saw it. I mean... yeah. I don't think the movie justified its four and half hour runtime. Act one, or the first couple of hours, could have been trimmed way the hell down. The little girl did fine, but absolutely every bit she was in should have been cut at the scripting level. The junkyard stuff showed what cade has been up to since the last movie I guess, but I was bored more than anything through this part and the following "mini-TIE bombers follow the people through the abandoned city" bit. And the whole "megatron bargains with the military to get some troops" bit seemed forced and pointless. I mean, if robots are falling out the sky, why have more scenes to have more robots come from somewhere else? Especially if they're going to have terrible, terrible names? Just have Megatron and co show up and get going.

Act two, or the middle hour that starts with anthony hopkins, was actually pretty enjoyable. Anthony Hopkins was ****ing awesome in this. Cogman too. The whole "secret history" and Merlin's descendant part was ridiculous, but at least it was straightforwardly ridiculous. "Got to get a thing and the lady is the only one that can do the thing, got it," I remember thinking.

Act three, or the last hour and a half, was okay I guess. Biggest problem was the lack of establishing shots and cybertron being covered in moss the exact shade of green of stone henge. I absolutely could not keep track of whether they were on the ground, on a chunk of ground levitated up, on a helicopter inside the knight ship, on a helicopter on a chunk of cybertron, on a where the **** are the characters? Is the ignition chamber on a chunk of cybertron up in the air or is it in stone henge? If it's in stone henge then why is it so far up in the air? Shouldn't the ignition chamber be in the big ship that was underwater that looked like a key? Wouldn't that make it the key to awakening unicron instead of restoring cybertron? Then why are the two ignition ports drifting so close together? I mean, are there two ignition sites? If not, then what's the point of the big key ship thing, that was on earth, going to stone henge, which has something nebulously to do with unicron, if the bad guy plot is to get it to a chunk of cybertron where quintessa is?


The worst thing I can say about this movie is that it was, more than anything else, boring. I also noticed a distinct lack of epic quotes by Prime. Bumblebee finally talking again was fine, but "sting like a bee?" They took three years to come up with that?

With the other movies, as dumb as they can be, I always left the theater feeling excited. With this one, I left feeling drained.
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