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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
No Prime = No Party.

Originally Posted by Brendocon
No reason Bumblebee can't have been knocking about on Earth since the 40s as far as I'm concerned.
It's not impossible, of course. It's just kinda weird because everyone seems to be acting in the 2007 movie that this is the first contact they have. They could just have spotty memory or just be pretending for the sake of Sam, though, and it's not that it causes and sort of huge glaring error.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Just saw it. I mean... yeah. I don't think the movie justified its four and half hour runtime.
The runtime was the biggest problem, I agree. And like you, I definitely agreed that the first act could've been trimmed the hell down. The Mini-TIE stuff took forever and while I get that they wanted some human action scenes, and it's better than Cade's weak attempts of joking around, I'd rather they quickly moved to the Anthony hopkins stuff.

Originally Posted by Clay
And the whole "megatron bargains with the military to get some troops" bit seemed forced and pointless. I mean, if robots are falling out the sky, why have more scenes to have more robots come from somewhere else? Especially if they're going to have terrible, terrible names? Just have Megatron and co show up and get going.
This. Especially after a couple scenes ago they just established that the TRF are hunting down and shooting random Autobots (or, well, whatever Canopy is) for being barely-threatening, but they're keeping Decepticons that are actively causing harm and mayhem prisoner? That's just weird.

Also forgot that there was an actual montage that shows protoform meteors falling all over the planet, which makes it even more weirdly glaring. It's not like Megatron making a deal with the TRF was such a huge part of the plot either.

Originally Posted by Clay
Act two, or the middle hour that starts with anthony hopkins, was actually pretty enjoyable.
Oh, yeah, the man chewed up scenery like no one's business. Cogman's also insane and wacky, but they're the right kind of wacky to be entertaining.

Originally Posted by Clay
The worst thing I can say about this movie is that it was, more than anything else, boring. I also noticed a distinct lack of epic quotes by Prime. Bumblebee finally talking again was fine, but "sting like a bee?" They took three years to come up with that?
There was that speech before the Autobots went into their big 'everyone charge the ignition chamber' rush, but that felt like a weaker version of the Dark of the Moon WE WILL KILL THEM ALL speech.

Not enough Prime in this movie, I think.
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