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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
It's not impossible, of course. It's just kinda weird because everyone seems to be acting in the 2007 movie that this is the first contact they have. They could just have spotty memory or just be pretending for the sake of Sam, though, and it's not that it causes and sort of huge glaring error.
Eh, in the first movie it was all "we're only here because of the cube", then in the second one we discovered they were here in Egyptian times and the Matrix was buried here; in the third one the Moon Landing was specifically to investigate the Ark crashing on the moon; in the fourth one we discovered that the dinosaurs were wiped out to create metal to make Transformers... and now we've got "Merlin was mates with some Transformers and Earth is actually Unicron".

Gonna be honest, from where I'm stood, "Bumblebee was here 60 years before hooking up with Sam and summoning Optimus" is the least contrived historical retcon we've been fed.
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