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I only had a concern because, like Blackjack says, the character's themselves acted like they'd only just discovered Earth. I suppose, in Transformers time, Bee being here for 60 years is "only just arrived". He could have been hanging about waiting for a sign of where the cube is -which he got when Sam put the glasses online - before calling Optimus and co. To Optimus, Earth was an unknown planet when Bee called him but then they discovered all the closer ties. I GUESS.

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Not enough Prime in this movie, I think.
Definitely. We didn't get long enough for Nemesis Prime to be a threat. The "bad Optimus" thing was all over the trailers, and with him and Megatron both having Quintessa's brainwashing facepaint, I was looking forward to them working together. But actually, we got one fight scene then he went back to being a good guy. I was hoping for the Transformers equivalent of F8 of the Furious.

Then we also got a whole film teasing heroic Optimus before he ended up not doing all that much anyway.

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