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One with the Matrix
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I enjoyed this! Perversely, I enjoyed how busy it was with all the meandering and random plots. Even with half of them not going anywhere. It kept my interest and stopped me having the feeling I had during DOTM and AOE - 'when will it end?'. It just felt a bit more pacy to me than the last two.

I really liked Izabella and it was a shame she was reduced to kid sidekick by the end, as she was ace and I enjoyed her acting Mark Wahlberg off the screen, but by the time Cade gets her back to the junkyard there's not a lot for her to do - although fixing Sqweeks with all the tech lying about might have been nice.

Totally agree on the awful names given to the Decepticons and the whole TFR thing was a nonsense. They were like a less effective Cemetery Wind.

Liked Quintessa and all the macguffin stuff and the Knights, with their mysterious mission. I wonder if they stole the staff with the intention of keeping it away from Quintessa, but f**k their luck if they didn't end up crashing the one place they really shouldn't. Her plan to drain Unicron to restore Cyberton made sense to me and reminded me of the sun harvester thingy from ROTF (presumably any suitable energy source would have the same effect at restoring Cybertron).

Anthony Hopkins was clearly having a ball and I really enjoyed his character and Cogman (voiced by that dude I can never remember the name of, but was the butler in Downton recently); as well as Hot Rod. Although his bug eyed face was a bit horrible to look at.

Optimus Prime. Sigh. He really felt like a caricature here, and I kept laughing every time he bellowed "I am Optimus Prime" (which he did a lot). After all the character development he got in AOE, this felt like a massive step back. And the Nemesis thing was just guff. They didn't even make him BLACK. And far too easily defeated by the power of friendship. Or something. And that whole fight scene with 'bee felt really undermined after we'd seen 'bee now has the ability to put himself back together...

Enjoyed the rest of the human cast for what they were (did like all the scenes with Vivienne's family, and the ever great Rebecca Front getting some nice funny lines) I don't really like Hound, Crosshairs and Drift who all come across as... dicks. In fact throughout all the live action films, a lot of the Autobots come across as arseholes and I can never get with them. I can't root for a bunch of prattling idiots who seem more interested in fighting amongst themselves. I did like seeing Topspin chilling out in Cuba and just wanting to go play ball on the beach (!). Why couldn't we have more of him instead?
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