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See, as Capaldi's first season cliffhanger I can see why they'd announce the Cybermen in advance considering that once you film on location on a street it's all over the papers anyway (though that begs the question why they write these scripts as a surprise when Moff must know he'd have no choice but to go with it), but John Simm doesn't seem to have done any filming where folk saw him, so why ruin that?

That said, the disguise completely fooled me even though I knew he was in the episode. It was only when he started talking to Missy and I realised we'd reached the end of episode cliffhanger point Simm should be showing up that it clicked.

I am an idiot.

Good, moody episode though. Goodness knows what more causal viewers who've had a decade of Cybusmen thought of them doing "The origin of the Cybermen" again though. "Wait, they're from an alternate dimension aren't they? What's a "Mondas"?" But then mostly this season seems to be about the Moff giving up on casual viewers and doing everything he can to get hardcore fans to love him again before he goes.

As for the inbetween episodes, having now caught up, after a strong start this season has been a bit of a slog. Especially the Angel season 4 remake (but not as good!) in the middle. It feels like it kind of deserves the low viewing figures to be honest (including beating Battlefield for lowest overnight rating. You could argue it's unfair not to include IPlayer and so on for that one, but then taped and second TV viewings weren't included for McCoy).

I liked the Ice Warriors one though. And the Tardis team is actually great. They just need better material.

Odds on Moff going even more out with the fanwank and the pre-credits flashforward turning out to be set at the same time and place as the first Doctor's regeneration?
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