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Yeah, the Autobots weren't very heroic, were they? Crosshairs is just a cock. Drift is supposed to be all zen and disciplined, but then he has his sword to someone's throat a second later. I've hated Hound ever since he shot that caged creature in AOE. Optimus Prime, now saint of killers. These are the good guys? WTF? No wonder Bumblebee gets his own spin-off. He was the only decent bot.

That Topspin in Cuba had Leadfoot's head? Onslaught and Canopy were Long Haul clones, Nitro Zeus (gag, this ain't Pacific Rim) was a grey Shockwave, lazy.

How the hell does Bumblebee get completely dismembered, and just fly back together? That would have helped in the first movie. Why does Megatron have a new body every movie? Wasn't Cybertron destroyed at the end of DOTM? It sure looked like it, as it was being sucked into that vortex.

That, and more, is why I didn't enjoy this one. What a wreck! I went in with low expectations, and they still disappointed me. Sure, there were some cool sights to see, and Cogman playing the organ was amusing. But it's just not enough.
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