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I'm not sure, in the finale, The Doctor must have repeated the names of the planets where he's encountered them twice, but just Mondas, Telos and Marinus have stuck.

Both of the newer designs showed up in the finale (disappointingly, i have to say), to show how the Cybermen had evolved over time - so it was a shame the Invasion and up redesigns didn't also make an appearance (always liked the Silver Nemesis design best of the 'classic' looks).

The series finale was pretty solid, I thought. Just a shame there was a bit of a struggle to find something for the Master/ Missy to do, although I did like the final scene between them. Likewise, Nardole's exit seemed little more than deck clearing before the new production team comes in. I've liked having him around, but we haven't really got to see much of why he's there and what he's all about. Oh well.

I did like how Bill being a Cyberman was done and resovled (although the pilot flashbacks were unnecessary) - good choice to have her appearing human, otherwise those scenes would have been impossible to take seriously done in the staccato of the Cyberman's synthesized voice.

Capaldi was brilliant throughout, and I loved his speech to The Master, just asking him to do the right thing for once.

and that is my thoughts.
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