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I went in with low expectations, and they still disappointed me.

I was sat there wondering how the entire US navy makes its way to the UK in just one afternoon, and how Anthony Hopkins goes from London to Oxford to Dover and back to London again all via Bank junction and in the space of about ten minutes.

Then I realised how utterly ludicrous everything else in the movie was and decided to give up.

My main bugbear was the final battle and where the Autobots were. Prime gives a big speech about "doing the thing" then inexplicably blasts off somewhere to go off with his giant three-headed dragon and wait until he could re-appear at the final crucial moment. It strikes me that both Prime and King Arthur's robot knights would have been pretty useful during the whole "crash-landed helicopter" part. But no, just leave it to the humans. Did I miss the part where he said that they all had to go off and do something? Or were they just getting a Frappucino?

As Blackjack mentioned though, there was a lot of this. Barricade is hanging out to start with and then seemingly has to urgently go off to file his tax return or something.

I can really only enjoy these movies if I switch my brain off.
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