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Mind, if memory serves Planet 14 was Marinus in the comic that was referencing...

Simm being a bit older seems to have slowed him down, resulting in a much better less bouncy twat performance (a John Simm fan on twitter was very angry at this, saying the difference was just direction. Boo to the Tennant era peeps who were directing him to act badly then). There was basically no reason for two masters, or even much of the Missy arc in the end, but they played off each other well enough for it to work.

Generally a very good finale, of the sort that makes you will Moff could do this every week. A little derivative in places (how often has Nick Briggs would up playing a companion now? Three times?), but still nice and foreboding stuff that ended well.

Not sure about the return of the First Doctor and Christmas special looking to be set between scenes in The Tenth Planet. Still, we shall see.
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