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I wound up liking that more than I thought.

Big flaw is that it is two films badly stapled together, even more blatantly than the last one. Half the characters vanish for an hour! Just starting the film with Cade and team being brought to England and incorporating meeting an orphan (which is really the only actually semi-relevant thing to happen in his plot at the start) and it'd work much better.

The actual film was just such huge messy fun though. Especially Tony Hopkins who really threw himself into with gay abandon and was utterly shameless but lovely.

Didn't mind Prime being mostly absent, each of his showings felt like they had weight to them. The evil eyes were a late addition though weren't they? Without they Prime would seem to be doing all this by his own choice.

Megatron vanishing for an hour on the other hand felt weak. If only because they idea of humanity having to work with him to stop a threat in Prime's absence is a much better one than anything else in the film but only lasts for once (easily cut, it's trying to pretend the new Decepticons are actual characters, but for what they contribute the "And lots of Transformers have come to Earth" line covers it) scene. Megs must have some serious blackmail photos of Bay to keep being put in these films so reluctantly.

On the other hand I thought it was hilarious Megs knows all about who created them and (seems to) work for them when Prime didn't have a clue in the last film.

And it's nice he got over the whole Galvatron thing.

Oh, and did I miss something with Cade and Lennox? They don't seem to exchange names during their first meeting, but second time Cade is all "YOU'RE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE LENNOX!" with a passion that suggests he has a clue who he is.

Mind, feels like a lot was cut from the Lennox plot, Morshower mentions he's undercover with the Bastard Soldier Brigade but that then never comes up again. Plus Skinner from the X-Files is loitering in a couple of brief shots, making it look like something with him was cut.

The new mythology stuff was clearly designed to work first and foremost for folk that watch a Transformers film every couple of years and don't have exact recall of every detail. Which is fair enough (it's the sort of thing that's always worked for The X-Men movies), but I didn't feel especially invested in Unicron or Quintessa as big new ideas.

The lower domestic box office has of course been mama from heaven for the "Not only do I not like these films, but in fact no one really likes these films!" folk of course. I do think the ones who are expecting the Bay style to be abandoned are fooling themselves though (I saw someone who wanted a more family friendly film suggest Flint Dille should be put in charge! That's the guy whose TF film was not only a disaster but had small children crying in cinemas). They're more likely to pay Shia and Megan a lot to come back for the 6th and taking things back to Baysics.

On a semi-related bit of whorish self-promotion, I've just guested on a podcast talking about that casual fan/"real" fan tension, in which the Bay films do come up:
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