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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
There's some confusion there. Cast members like Anneke Wills keep saying more are happening (and in the case of one guest star from Evil of the Daleks, that's he's been filming motion references!), but the folk who'd work on making the special features/restoring the soundtracks keep seeming legitimately baffled by this.

I suppose it all depends on how much Power depended on the now defunct BBC store.
Stupid question (Gallifrey Base scares me sometimes), but would the Restoration Team have much work to do on the animations? I mean, all the audio was cleaned up by Mark Ayres for the CD releases years ago, so that stuff is presumably available off the shelf.

On the other hand, Anneke Wills can get... 'confused' sometimes, and I'm not sure why you'd hire an old actor to perform MoCap for a series of animations where natural human movements haven't exactly been top of the priority list.

In any case, why would you re-hire an actor fifty years later to study his movement in an attempt to re-create his younger self - I mean, undoubtedly their posture, gait, bearing etc. would have changed considerably over the years? Sounds like balls, if you ask me!

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