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Read the latest books out of order as the first seemed like a good one to start on the train to Last Knight.

A few small niggles aside (using the American version of the last page of Man of Iron rather than the CC one), that's probably the strongest book in the series so far. The original miniseries is basically a Michael Bay Transformers film in terms of how all over the place like a mad woman's knitting it is (in retrospect putting Spider-Man in there as well was a mistake), but is still hugely likeable in its rough retro way and certainly never dull.

And two of the three British stories are great. And again, Man of Iron was presumably an influence on the new film.

Raiders is still rubbish, but the new colouring it staggeringly well done. Without comparing it directly to the original it's impossible for me to tell which pages were which. After the fudging of the colouring of the full B&W stories, it's great to see this done right.

Best behind the scenes stuff as well. Unused pages from one (including some I don't think we've seen before, turns out that mad page where Optimus Prime leads the Decepticon attack was a last second replacement), handwritten character notes and a good overview from Budiansky. Basically a great book for those dipping in and out of the series (though youngsters with no residual fondness for the series will probably find the miniseries and Raiders more towards the bad-bad end of the spectrum rather than bad-good).
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