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One with the Matrix
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I enjoyed it, personally. I don't expect great things from the LAM and enjoy them for what they are - dumb fun with some really, really good CGI stuff - and direction, in fairness. This does feel to me like the best one since the first. Its long, sure, but there seems to be enough plot and story going on to fill the run time - even if a lot of that ends up going nowhere. The comedy feels less grindingly awful than usual and the human cast all feel fairly natural and there's no offensive stereotypes and the leering at women is toned down. The Autobots are the same set of bell-ends from AOE, but Hot Rod is good fun and has an interesting weapon at his disposal and I liked the Decepticons, despite them all being named by a five year old. Megatron is, as usual, pretty redundant throughout, but at least he looks good this time. Anthony Hopkins is great and whilst having yet another mysterious secret history is stretching things, I like that there's an effort to pull everything that's happened previously together. Enough so I hope Bay at least sticks around for a sixth to round out this set of 3 films and their world building.
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