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On a semi-related bit of whorish self-promotion, I've just guested on a podcast talking about that casual fan/"real" fan tension, in which the Bay films do come up:

Thanks, enjoyed that pod.

However, I don't find myself disliking the Michael Bay TF films because I think it slaughters my childhood or because Bumblo isn't a Beetle.

I mainly just struggle because they are rubbish. Basic coherent storytelling would work for me. I'd like to one day see a TF movie where I don't come out of the cinema with my wife asking me "So did all of that just not make any sense to me because I don't know Transformers?"

Because with the Bay movies I can only answer "no, it made no sense to anyone, it was just batshit crazy."

Still, I've got used to it now, the early films I went in with expectation, now I go in thinking: "Set brain to standby".
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