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I saw it, and I liked it. Yes, the plot's a bit of a mess, but this one also seems like they decided halfway through that they wanted to do an expanded cinematic universe, hence the whole Unicron bit, and from all of the Bay movies I've seen, when he makes a movie it's beginning-middle-end. Admittedly, prior to Transformers, all I'd seen of his work was The Rock(which I really like), Crimson Tide(I think that's one of his), and Pearl Harbor(well, 2 out of three ain't bad, I guess). I don't think he'd actually done anything with a sequel(as far as I know) before he did ROTF.

One thing I really liked was the humor. Hot Rod being stuck with his accent in a similar way to Bumblebee being stuck with talking in sound bites(although watching the Lego Batman Movie after watching Bumblebee's reaction to his new voice is kind of weird), and the fact that Cogsman is so utterly distracting when Hopkins is explaining stuff was actually pretty funny.

I wound up missing the first few minutes of the movie, though. Is there an explanation as to why Megs is back to being Megs and not Galvy?

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