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So, Jodie Whitaker is the 13th Doctor.

I wish this felt progressive and less like...shutting up the tabloids who've been banging on about the Doctor being female since...1980.

In fiction, it just raises all kinds of questions about Timelord physiology and the populace of Gallifrey in general that, honestly, I was never had or was bothered about. Or crucially, never wanted to know about. It's been kind of drip fed into the TV series in recent years, so its just "sometimes they like to be female and others male", which is fine... but I dunno, I didn't want Doctor Who to suddenly be derailed by biology and gender issues. It probably wont be, but its such a big concept to put out there... It'll be interesting to see how / if this is tackled. I'm rambling now.

Anyway, interested to see what Jodie's Doctor will be like and she looks very smiley Even if I am a bit sad that we've lost one of the most unique male role models out there in TV land.
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