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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Or crucially, never wanted to know about. It's been kind of drip fed into the TV series in recent years, so its just "sometimes they like to be female and others male", which is fine... but I dunno, I didn't want Doctor Who to suddenly be derailed by biology and gender issues. It probably wont be
When you put it like that, it makes me think of those situations where you tell someone you explicitly don't care about a certain topic when they bring it up, only for them to go on a rant about it anyway.

Part of me wants to be mad about this in the same way I'm always annoyed by race- and genderswapping, but I'm beginning to think that part of me has numbed to a kind of indifference. I can't stop them from pandering to demographics so there's no point getting worked up over it. Plus you're pretty much guaranteed the well has already been poisoned before you ever get involved into any sort of argument over the whole thing.

For all I know, Jodie might be fine in the role. In the other hand, they might also kill it with some kind of a lame "Hey I'm a woman now!" joke repeated ad nauseum.

I also started wondering why I never had particularly strong feelings about Missy either, and I think that boils down to the part where her identity was suspect for a fairly long time - and also the simple fact that the nu-Who Master was always a bit shit.

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