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When you put it like that, it makes me think of those situations where you tell someone you explicitly don't care about a certain topic when they bring it up, only for them to go on a rant about it anyway.

I also agree with your comments about Missy. Michelle Gomez is brilliant, but the character never felt nailed down enough to convince me she was The Master (didn't help that after unveiling whatever mad scheme she was doing, she just kind of ...hangs around not really doing much). I'm sure that won't be the case with The Doctor, who's a more avuncular character, but it does show that if the writing isn't there then your whole 'it's a girl!' just looks little more than stunt casting, and that's no good.

Anyway, what would I know, I can't even spell Jodie's name right. It's Whittaker with two 't' s. Tut tut.
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