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It also probably helped that whatever flaws she might've had, Missy still seemed like an improvement over the bouncing twat he was during the final RTD episodes. Which is even more of a shame because if the last episode proved anything, it's that John Simm can definitely deliver a solid performance as the Master under good direction and script. Although there's no way to know they're just not planning to bring Simm's Master back and have him deal with regenerating into a woman in some unspecified time in the future, kinda like Clara seems to have an indefinite lease of life now.

Although I still kind of have trouble buying the part where he literally kills his own future self rather than side with the Doctor; if his behaviour in the classic episodes is anything to go by, a somewhat understated characteristic of the Master is that he's a bit of a coward, so what is effectively suicide seems kind of out-of-character.
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