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Haven't seen the finale yet, but from what I've read here, I'm suddenly reminded of the book Harvest of Time, where the Third Doctor stumbles across a ship filled with different, time-stasised versions of the Master. I'll have to read it again, but the Delgado Master seemed to view the situation as "Oh, good. Lots more of me to go around." Whereas his future versions weren't nearly as thrilled about it.

Or bouncing to The End of Time, I kind of got the impression that as long as the Master Cult had some goop and a willing(or unwilling) dupe, they could bring him back, though I was never sure if he was really back to being a full Time Lord. That's where I thought Missy came from, to be honest. The goop didn't regenerate the woman's body he took over into a man, so the Master just changed his/her name to the Mistress, and went about doing what he'd been doing right along.

As for the new Doctor.... I don't know, really. At the moment, all I can think of is the end to Curse of the Fatal Death. Is she a good actress? Can she make the role her own? Are they preparing to burn Chibnall in effigy before we see what he's got planned?

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