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Never seen Whittaker in anything, which is pleasing as it creates the same situation I was in with Matt Smith: No preconceptions.

Though to date I don't think the casting of the Doctor has made a wrong step so far in the new series (even if Eccles isn't a favourite of mine, he was absolutely the right guy for the role at that time), so I'm not too worried on that score. The writing on the other hand...

Still, it's a good opening statement of intent from Chibbers that the show isn't going to retreat into playing it safe RTD lite stuff as I was expecting it to.

As for the casting of a woman, all for it and there's absolutely no reason not to do it. Even before the Moff started laying the pipe from almost his very first line as producer ("I'm a girl?"), the logic of regeneration is such nonsense at the service of the plot there's nothing you can't do with it. Audiences accepted regeneration energy zapping a clone of the Doctor's hand and making a human copy of him they'll be fine with this.

Not to sure what's so bad if this casting is designed to appeal to a demographic when that demographic would be women, or half of all people. There's a tendency from people who don't like the choice to paint it as only appealing to a small niche of PC gone mad SJW's when it's going to mean something to a lot more folk than that.

I mean, Twitter was full of women crying with joy at this. You'd have not gotten anything like that sort of reaction from another white bloke.
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