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Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
Rodimus looks like a great idea (Deluxe Hotrod combines with trailer to become Leader Rodimus) executed poorly. Hoefully, they'll try again when they don't have to force the Power of the Primes gimmick on top of the combining.
I wish he was just Rodimus Prime with no Hot Rod. We've gotten so many Hot Rods in the last decade, and almost no Rodimuses. And two of the Rodimuses we did get (this and the MP) are both compromised because the designers wanted it to be Hot Rod too! The only modern Rodimus Prime toy I can think of that's just Rodimus Prime is the Titanium, and, well, yuck.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
And, am I understaning this right: the "Power of the Primes" is that the Titan Master-types figure each transform in a Matrix that can be stored in a Leader's chest? That doesn't really sound like fun. Plus, like Brawn and Roadburn, you won't be able to tell if there's a little guy in there. The fun of Headmasters is making different looking bots by swapping heads around. Why bother swapping Primes around?
It sounds like that's what it is, yeah. Seems like a pretty odd gimmick to me. But hey, if we get more TM-compatible figures and (looking at Darkwing and Dreadwind) more CW ones too, then it's not all bad.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Why? I'm glad they left them in.
I was just very surprised to see it, is all. It's nice to see gimmicks like this continue on from one line to the next, but I don't know if that's ever happened before in modern lines.
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